Strawberry ceramic Vase

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Quick Overview

🍀 Name: Vase

🍀 Material: Ceramic

🍀 Style: simple

🍀 Type: Desktop decoration

🍀Note: The product is measured manually and has a certain small error. Please refer to the actual size.

🍀 Maintenance: The vase was fragile and the hard objects on the wall collided and collapsed.

🍀 Regularly clean and clean the stains on the outer wall of the vase and the water stains on the inner wall.

🍀Do not use a hard object such as steel wire to scrub the surface.

🍀Change the water regularly, the water in the vase will store bacteria for a long time.

🍀 When cleaning the vase, it can be washed directly with water (cleaner and alkaline solvent are not recommended).

🍀It Will Enhance the Look Of Your Home and Office.  


Product Description

About this item

  • 🍀 Design: The bottle mouth is medium in size, can be equipped with flowers, hand-made, natural, and simple, and the bottom is non-slip, protecting your furniture from damage.
  • 🍀 Features: Elegant arc, reflecting the calm aesthetic feelings, every detail, every craft, excellence.
  • 🍀 Concept: Add more color and vitality to your life, create a romantic atmosphere, and let you have a happy mood every day.
  • 🍀 Applicable: Beautiful vases can be placed on tables, entrances, bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, etc., perfect for wedding parties, and home décor.


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