Face Vase – Gray – Plastic


Face Vase – Gray – Plastic



🍀The essence of traditional design is that he is a hand-made culture, based on nature, hands are the medium, This Product is unbreakable and easy to maintain. a simple life beauty.
🍀Use and maintenance
🍀 Regularly clean the stains on the outer wall of the vase and the water and sand on the inner wall. Avoid using hard objects such as lint to avoid scratching the surface of the vase.
🍀 Regularly change the water to prevent long-term sewage from immersing in the inner wall of the vase. The water in the vase will multiply many tiny creatures for a long time, which may corrode the vase.
🍀 Keep away from high temperatures and strong light to prevent the vase from cracking due to excessive temperature.
🍀The ideal gift
🍀The stylish and stylish vase design makes it easy to match a variety of decorative styles.
🍀If you are not sure which gift to choose as a housewarming gift, this vase set will be your best choice.
🍀Especially if this person’s natural and elegant decorative theme, this vase will definitely meet his/her decorative requirements.
🍀Vase size specifications:
🍀Gray models: height: 25 cm, width: 12 cm approx.
🍀Packing list:
🍀a vase
🍀The plants in the picture are not included.
🍀We offer a 100% OPPS Satisfaction Guarantee and a 60-day warranty (defect, accidental damage, dissatisfaction) so there is no need to worry about shipping damage.
🍀you have any questions, please contact Flower Fairy any  time!


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Material Plastic
Colour Gray
Brand Flower Fairy
Product dimensions height- 25
Number of pieces 1

About this item

  • 🍀 Due to the simple and elegant design, It has  bright and elegant, easy to integrate into other furniture, complementing various flowers to add luster to your house.
  • 🍀  The advanced Plastic  is made on the material to make the embryo thick and even, so that the vase has good corrosion resistance. 
  • 🍀These Plastic vases are safe and beautifully packaged and they are the best gift for your family or friends who decorate their homes!
  • 🍀 The inside hollow allows you to fill these vases with different fillers, such as dried or scented flowers, branches, wheat, pearls, pebbles, etc. Perfect for office or home décor, dinners, holidays, wedding planning and other special occasions.
  • 🍀100% satisfaction guarantee. We backed up the 60-day warranty (defection, accidental damage, dissatisfaction).
  • 🍀Product Contain Only Vase – Flowers are Not Included.
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